RE: Lisa Nelson
Posted by Wayne on AVVO – 10/19/2015
The best lawyer I’ve ever retained!!!

Lisa is simply the best. I found her on Avvo to help me navigate through a complex IRS situation. My first contact with her was amazing, she is so very nice and professional. The communication and support was exceptional, I could not have asked for anything better. She provided me with absolutely sound advise that later turned out exactly how she anticipated saving me thousands of dollars. I’m so grateful for her representation. She is hard worker and great communicator providing me updates late in the day and weekends. She is extremely intelligent and very knowledgable. There is nobody else I would ever use then Lisa for future tax law advise.

RE: Lisa Nelson
Posted by Michael on AVVO – 2/10/2015
Beating the IRS

I hired Lisa and her firm to address a complex tax situation with the IRS in which the IRS was claiming I owed them  >$250K. Lisa and her team quickly cut through the red-tape that is ever present whenever one interacts with the IRS. Lisa was successful in petitioning the IRS to review their agent’s action and the IRS quickly (OK, quickly for a government agency!) came back and agreed with Lisa’s well written appeals letter that the IRS agent was indeed incorrect in their ruling that I owed an additional >$250K in taxes.

Of course there was lots of back and forth between Lisa and myself and subsequently between Lisa and the IRS on this matter but Lisa was able to very quickly identify the key items that the IRS needed to see from my past records in order to adequately support my case. Lisa’s ability to do this saved me an immense amount of time in terms of assembling the supporting documents Lisa required to support all the claims she made in her appeals letter to the IRS.

The bottom line is I was very satisfied with Lisa and her firm not only because of the outcome of my case but more importantly because of the outstanding job Lisa and her firm did in communicating with me throughout the entire process, the efficient way in which they used my time, the efficient and effective way in which they conducted their work which resulted in a cost effective legal bill, and Lisa’s ability to take the emotion out of the situation and simply boil complex matters down to a series of facts that all parties could easily understand.

I have had the opportunity throughout my business career as a senior executive to retain a wide variety of different professionals/professional firms (lawyers, CPAs, Investment Bankers, etc) and I would rank Lisa and her firm in my top 5 all-time (out of the >50 firms I’ve engaged during my personal and professional career).
All the best,

RE: Lavar Taylor
Posted by Daniel on AVVO on 5/26/2015

I have hired Lavar for many matters concerning my clients and I know that I will always get superb service and results. I never think twice. Thank you!

RE: Lisa Nelson
Posted by a client on AVVO on 1/28/2015

Wonderful customer service.
Lisa nelson was amazing!! She helped us and just gave us the assurance that everything will be ok.. She kept in contact with us and told us she will keep us updated on everything that is going on with the IRS and she did! We were never disappointed! we are so happy with her work and I will recommend her to everyone!!! Thanks again!!!

RE: Jonathan Amitrano
Posted by Danny on AVVO on 12/4/2013

I have worked with a couple of tax attorneys with the same issue, all of them were chop shop style with no customization. Further, you could never get a hold of anyone. He gets back to me with in a couple of hours at the most, and most importantly solved my issues while making me feel like things are being handled properly, which they were.