November 13, 2015-Tax Treaties: Helping Clients and Information Gathering by Tax Agencies

taylorlaw | 06/18/2015

Lavar Taylor will be speaking at the California Society of Enrolled Agents program, PEN TO PAPER TAX INTENSIVE:  INTERNATIONAL TAX ISSUES, at the Atrium Hotel, Irvine, CA on November 13, 2015.

This program will provide basic information regarding tax treaties, with a particular emphasis on the use of Tax Treaties by the IRS and foreign Tax Agencies to gather information about taxpayers.  Participants will gain an understanding of topics routinely covered by tax treaties and how tax treaties can affect their clients.  Participants will also learn when and how the IRS can obtain information regarding U.S. Taxpayers through foreign governments and how foreign governments can obtain information through the IRS. Note: This a 2- day event , and Lavar Taylor is speaking in only one of  the many programs during this 2-day event.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Seasoned tax professionals who are seeking advanced, hands-on training in international taxes.

See course description and register here.