Bankruptcy Tax

The firm has extensive experience in handling numerous tax matters related to bankruptcy and insolvency. These matters include:

  • Advising clients, attorneys and other professionals regarding the dischargeability of all types of taxes in bankruptcy proceedings, including Federal and state income taxes, sales and use taxes, employment taxes, excise taxes, and other liabilities arising under federal and state tax laws
  • Advising clients on the tax effects of settlements with creditors, foreclosures, and the discharge of debts in bankruptcy
  • Advising clients regarding the use of the bankruptcy laws to repay tax debt or to resolve disputes regarding tax liabilities asserted by the federal or state tax authorities
  • Representing parties as tax counsel in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, including the representation of bankruptcy debtors, bankruptcy trustees, creditors, shareholders and partners of entities in bankruptcy, receivers, and fiduciaries in assignments for the benefit of creditors
  • Litigating tax matters in bankruptcy, including objections to claims, suits to determine whether tax debts are dischargeable, and suits to determine tax liabilities under section 505 of the Bankruptcy Code